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The English version of LeThe Online is still Under Construction.

A little history of the Site

LeThe Online is a completely free computer-based website which offers a great variety of computer services worldwide. You can find Tips/Tricks, optimization methods for software and hardware, advice, solutions to common problems, hardware drivers, programs, Windows tweaks, computer theories, and much, much more. The website was originally created for a small neighborhood, where I would post solutions to common problems. The amount of visits grew countrywide, and eventually spread worldwide.

Since the website was originally created in Spanish, most of the visitors are located in Latin America. I am working as hard as I can for the English translation. Currently, the website has been visited by almost 100,000 people in hundreds of countries and has been used as an inspiration to continue the chain of free help and education. Through LeThe Online, I have sent out more than 50,000 e-mails to people worldwide who have asked for help with their computers (Hardware/Software).

LeThe Online is also used in Universities and Technical Institutes in several countries, to guide students and give them an idea of the gigantic world of computers.

Thanks for visiting my website. As time permits, the English version will be complete, and you too will be able to take advantage of the free services.


How I became about & What do I do

When I was introduced to computers (1996), users were still battling stability problems and the blue screen of death. At the time, I was just trying to figure out how it all worked. I did listen to user’s problem so that I could at least be aware of them. My experiments phase came about in 1998 when I was faced with a huge problem and figured a unique way out of it with a computer buddy of mine. We needed to install Windows 98 on a company computer, yet we had no CD burner at the time, and the computers we were using could not be moved or parts removed from them. So as a solution, we gathered 280 diskettes, and successfully transferred the install files to later install Windows 98.

Between the era of Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Millennium, the amount of complaints about stability and the blue screen basically became a language: "Do you blue screen? Of course I do…do you?"

That’s when I came up with the idea to setup a small testing lab, where I could try to solve common problems, become a myth buster, a system tweaker, and also push computers to their limits. One of my biggest breakthroughs was my research in the stability of Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Millennium. I finally came up with methods to produce the highest level possible of stabilization for both Operating Systems, that’s when my reputation grew. My room filled up with computers and the anxious users waiting to have a stable 98 SE or ME. It really worked, and so this is when I decided to dedicate most of my time to research.

I published some of my own theories on LeThe Online, and people just kept asking for more solutions, and challenged me with new problems. As newer/bigger hard drives came about, I was hired to solve a very famous problem: old motherboards not detecting newer drives. So I get many e-mails and calls, basically saying “the bios update did not do the trick”. So I came with the idea to install an IDE RAID card. Why not? Old PCs have PCI slots, and RAID cards can support huge hard drives. It worked. This problem was like a plague, spread throughout many countries, and posting the solution on LeThe Online was the cure. Once again, my reputation grew.


With the increasing visits to my website, e-mails sent by visitors exposed me to thousands of common and weird problems presented at homes, companies and schools. By helping out, I was able to come up with more solutions and become a very competitive person in the computer repair business. Still living in La Romana, Dominican Republic, I was hired by many companies and individuals, and a well respected person.

In my opinion, this is what it is all about: respect. Keeping a shiny reputation, not only as a good computer nerd, but as a nice and decent person. The main problem today is the existence of many computer nerds who want to get into arguments when they have read the material on Google or Wikipedia, yet have no practical experience. How many times have you heard the Intel vs AMD or Nvidia vs ATI conversation? That is actually not as bad as the amount of times I have been called because “the guy who setup my computer does not know what he is doing”, or, “Somebody suggested to get this because it had good reviews, and it actually sucks”. The problem today is the closed mind. Even though I may disagree with many, ill still listen and only argue points out of past experiences and not by what I read. To be respected, you have to open your mind, and listen carefully instead of immediately contradicting. It is a difficult subject to talk about, because there are many who refuse to listen if you disagree with them. I always make the effort to combine knowledge and aim for the best outcome instead of “You keep using your AMD and ill keep using my Intel”. This is what I encourage all of you computer nerds out there to do, to help each other in an effort to increase your knowledge and share information. But please, when you do it, talk with regards to your experience and not what you read somewhere, or the fact that it received the highest rating somewhere. That’s how you earn respect.

To prove a point, I went back to visit my parents in La Romana in 2003 to visit my family. I get a call: “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ is staying at a resort and needs computer help”. Woah! Hold on a second. A celebrity is in town, the resort has at least 10 computer nerds (which I know) and I get the call? I was basically told that I was called because apart from doing a good job, they knew that I enjoyed every single millisecond of what I do, and hey, it be awesome to work for Shakira. Of course I accepted, met her, worked for her, and left her top of the line HP Pavilion laptop running smooth. Believe it or not, sometimes I have been offered projects where I know I won’t perform well or have no knowledge about, and out of honesty, I refuse to do them.

After returning to the United States, I continue to fix and build computers, almost reaching my 3000th computer fixed. Also, being emailed worldwide is a very interesting experience, since you notice different patterns in problems that occur in specific parts of the world. It’s also a very good learning experience since you are exposed to so many problems that you haven’t heard of before with hardware, all Windows OS (95, 98, 98SE, Me, XP, 2000 and Vista), and many applications.

I continue to work hard not only to help those that struggle with computers, but to make the use of computers a pleasant experience. Hope all of you computer nerds out there join me on this one.

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Special thanks to:

Dino Nuhagic - For allowing me to work with him on nLite with the Spanish translation, updates and fixes.

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